I met a guy on a dating app, and our relationship started off weird

So well I really like my best friend but he’s the half shy half flirty kind so I never knew what he really thought about me. But lately he asked me to support him in his finals for a competition and the joke among his friends was they’ld all bring their crushes and propose together if they won, I don’t really what to think now tbh…help?

He added me on insta and fb and he’s always asking what time the games are and saying I’ll be there

So I told a guy that I like him, and he said “I respect that”. It was kinda confusing because I didn’t exactly know what he meant. I’m still not sure if he likes me. I just wanted to know if there’s anyway I can know for sure if there’s still a chance or if I can make him like me and how long I should take to move on. I really like him.

He liked me first on the app

I guess he means he respects your feelings but doesnt feel the same or isnt interested in knowing i.e., doesnt care. And if he hasnt said or done anything so far he most likely doesnt like you. Go trap another fish in the net, gurl! (if u havent already)

Your article helped me enough to get a clear vision about him.I don’t know how to thank you.These information gave me a huge insight and will certainly make a great difference in my career as well as personal life and also i realize what is more important to me.

I don’t know whether to kick him to the curb or be more patient. I liked him in return. The site connected us. I message first. He doesn’t say anything. 6 days go past, and I had forgotten all about him. He replies to my message. We talk for a few minutes. I ask a question. No answer. I’m baffled, but I was like whatever. The site closed the chat with the possibility of reopening. I didn’t reopen the chat, but the guy did, to my surprise. I waited for him to say something. Nothing. For 5 days. I was bored one night and I just wrote in Hi. He answered me and asked if he could give me his number. I said sure. We chatted for a day, and he’s back to his disappearing ways again. What is this? If he’s not interested in me, what is the point of this game?

If a guy starres at you everyday and he tries to impress you and he often makes eye contact with you you and he has a girlfriend and he accept your requests on social media and he doesn’t reply your messages when you send him but he has a girlfriend does it mean he likes you?

-My guy doesn’t respect me and he like to do things to piss me off we’ve been together for four years now and there’s is this other guy I like and he wants to settle down with me…How do I walk away from him?

I don’t understand he is always playfully teasing me but he shows some of these signs I still think he likes me though. Am I wrong?

so I have been Chating with this guy for like besthookupwebsites.org/mature-dating-review/ 10months….we never met…. thn we decided to meet… aftee we did I couldn’t helping thinking that he didn’t like what he saw… when we were Chating he was like I enjoyed being with you but I felt like he is acting differently.. he used to be opened and all and respond my texts asap mara he started talking time after we met… I questioned him.. told him his acting differently the person that m used to will confuse me mara he kept saying m insecured and his trying to give me that reassurance …he always told me how he sees a future nami mara after we met the were no talks about us….idk.. M confused as hell